O'Brien Creek Permit Program

Chitina Landscape

The private property owner, Chitina Native Corporation, has made several improvements for recreational users on their lands at O'Brien Creek and along the Copper River. A permit program is in place that will allow recreational users and fishermen of this area to pay for access across its private property for recreational activities such as dipnetting, camping, hiking, biking, etc.

We ask fishermen and visitors to please look for and utilize the payment locations containing the permit and payment envelopes to pay for access to use their lands. Chitina Native Corporation owns the land above the ordinary high water line. Any activities above that mean high water mark will require recreational users to purchase an access permit prior to their activities.

Daily Parking
$15.00 per vehicle – up to party of four (4)
$15.00 each additional person

Ramifications of failure to purchase permit, such as cars parked without displaying a valid permit may be towed and subject to additional fines.

Any questions for Chitina Native Corporation can be directed to our Corporate offices in Chitina, P.O. Box 3, Chitina, Alaska 99566, (907) 823-2223.

Eyak Fishwheel at Baird Canyon on the Copper River
Eyak Fishwheel at Baird Canyon on the Copper River,
used by permission of Lisa Yoshimoto