Tsedi Ná Foundation

Chitina Landscape

Tsedi Ná (Chitina) Foundation was formed in February 2010 as a Non Profit of the Chitina Native Corporation with our main focus on Cultural Preservation and Education for our shareholders.

Tsedi Ná Foundation hosts two cultural events during the summer months in Chitina, Alaska; Crafty Camp for youth to do hands on crafts, learning words and meanings of the Ahtna language, native dance and songs and processing wild game. Then there is Culture Camp that is held at 5 Mile Fish Camp, a time to eat traditional foods, visit with youth and elders and to process and learn about the traditional ways of processing fish.

Tsedi Ná Foundation receives scholarship funding from Chitina Native Corporation for the benefit of the Chitina Native Corporation shareholders. Applications are accepted twice a year; July 15th and December 15th. Applications can be found under forms in this website or by requesting an application through the corporate office at 907-823-2223.

Board Members                          

President – Arleen Lenard

Vice President/Treasurer – Danna Finnesand

Secretary – Corina Hutchinson

Contact us at:

Tsedi Ná Foundation
PO Box 10
Chitina, Alaska 99566

Donations are greatly appreciated and they can be made by mailing to the address above or by utilizing the Pay Pal option. When you contribute all funds will be put towards funding our purpose of cultural preservation and education. Tsedi Ná Foundation is an Alaska non-profit corporation exempt from federal income taxation under IRC 501(c) (3). Donations are tax deductible for U.S. citizens. For donors outside of the United States, please consult with your tax advisor about whether your donation will be tax deductible.